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The news of the 15 packages containing pipe bombs sent to several critics of U.S. President, Donald Trump; recently made headlines. The recipients included, most notably, Former U.S. President Barack Obama along with the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. All packages were deemed to be live bombs until analysis further indicated some were “duds”, although it is not clear whether this was intentional or a fault on the part of the bomb maker.

Two Soshanguve police officers who are linked to the death of a TUT student have been granted bail. It’s not the first time police have been arrested in connection with the wrongful death of citizens.

The South African Crime Statistics report for 2018 that was released this month, revealed that 57 people are murdered in South Africa every day, with a total number of murders reported at a staggering 20,336 for the period. South Africa is listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

The current situation in KZN in terms of six explosive devices being found and/or detonated is worrisome and creating fear as well as tense feelings and emotions. It is reported that the Hawks Crimes Against The State unit is investigating and giving the investigation the highest priority. No arrests have been facilitated with remarks by authorities that arrests are imminent.

The massive sum of money that Facebook reportedly pays for Mark Zuckerberg’s security recently made world headlines and highlighted the changing trends of personal security for executives and corporates in a global business marketplace.

NSA Global‘s Founder and Director Rory Steyn has some unique experiences to look back on from his time heading up Nelson Mandela’s personal security detail – including the day he saved Madiba and Prince Charles from an overly enthusiastic crowd in Brixton.

As the XXII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea get off to a start tonight, NSA Global Security is once again proud to be involved in providing security consultancy and oversight for our client Oakley. This is the 6th time that NSA Global have provided such services, going way back to Athens in 2004.

Rory Steyn, founder of NSA Global Security Consultants, spent years shadowing Nelson Mandela as his Chief of Security. Here he joins AIME TV to talk about ridiculous apartheid laws; overcoming years of conditioning and the importance of education

Nearly two out of three of 667 business decision-makers surveyed across 69 countries say travel risks have increased in 2017. Majority of business leaders around the world believe travel has become more dangerous over the past year due to security threats and natural disasters, a new survey has indicated. Read more…

Violence, preventable diseases and traffic accidents are to blame for a widening of the youth mortality gap between the developed and developing world, according to a new Guardian analysis of the most recent World Health Organisation (WHO) data. The most dangerous country in the world to be a young person (defined as aged between 15 and 29) is Sierra Leone, with one youth in every 150 there estimated to have died in 2015. Its youth mortality rate per 100,000 (671) is almost 100 people higher than the next country on the list, war-torn Syria (579).