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Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional, and Global Threats.

 Journey Management

Travel Safety

NSA Global offers comprehensive journey management services through our network of trusted and vetted partners around the world, with the full support and 24/7 oversight of our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) in Johannesburg.​

Close Protection Officers and Security Drivers

NSA Global is able to deploy trained and qualified Close Protection Officers and Security Drivers in over 70 countries globally, through our network of service providers; all of whom are strictly vetted to ensure consistency in the quality of services offered, irrespective of the country in which the
services are rendered.

Many of our relationships with our service providers have been developed over many of the 24 years that we’ve been in business, however, we still ensure that they are audited by our management team on a bi-annual basis as a quality-assurance measure.

GSOC Support

All tasks are supported around-the-clock by our GSOC. Our GSOC Coordinators have many years of experience coordinating both manpower and logistics around the world, and each assignment is monitored from wheels down to wheels up:

  • Our Intelligence Analysts monitor the security situation within countries to which our clients are travelling, and ensure that traffic conditions, protest action, unrest, or any incidents affecting the direct area of operations are reported to both the teams on the ground, as well as our clients;
  • Travel Risk Assessments and country-specific risk reports can be compiled on request prior to travel being undertaken and during such travel;
  • Our GSOC is able to live-track principals’ vehicles, and provide locations to stakeholders upon request;
  • Frequent updates are sent to our clients and their stakeholders to ensure all movements and events are communicated in real-time;
  • Our GSOC acts as a single point of contact, capable of providing travellers with helpful insights and information specific to their journey and location;
  • In the event of an emergency, our GSOC Coordinators will immediately dispatch the appropriate emergency services to our clients’ precise locations, and simultaneously inform client stakeholders;
  • In the event of a breakdown in security conditions, our GSOC is able to begin facilitating in-country relocations and full country evacuations; in conjunction with our management team and our clients;
  • A full audit trail is kept for post-task analysis, and dissemination to our clients.

NSA Global has fast become the service provider of choice for many of the world’s largest corporations due to our professionalism, and ability to provide turnkey solutions almost anywhere in the world.

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