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Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional, and Global Threats.

 Major Sporting and Event Security

Event Security

Consulting to the organising committees and governing bodies of major sports events since 1999

NSA Global has become exceptionally well respected internationally for providing high-level consultancy, planning and security services for many of the world’s largest events. These include major sports tournaments, political events and conventions, award ceremonies, and entertainment events in all parts of the world.

A large international sports event will often attract a global audience of many millions and can provide a platform that enables an organisation, city, or nation to claim a place on the world stage and act as a symbolic focus for regional aspirations.

Unfortunately, this same platform can also provide an opportune target to people or organisations with evil intentions, resulting in a host of possible security concerns ranging from simple crime to major terrorist attacks; having potentially catastrophic consequences for the event and those involved.

It is essential that the safety and security of athletes, officials, fans, dignitaries, media, and all other stakeholders is considered an absolute priority in planning such events; and that detailed, threat-based, intelligence-led security plans are designed, implemented, and managed to identify and mitigate such risks.

NSA Global is established as a global specialist in all areas of sports security and has been actively involved in the protection of international sports teams and high-profile sports personalities since 1991, while also consulting to the organising bodies of major sports events since 1999. Our expertise includes Olympic Games, FIFA, Cricket, and Rugby World Cups, as well as numerous tours, events, and tournaments over 30+ years.

In these capacities, NSA has provided services throughout Africa, India, the United Kingdom, Asia, South America, and the Middle East for many international sports events.

Threat Assessments

Security Planning

Crisis Response Planning

Consultancy and Planning for National and International Tours

Protection of VIPs, Teams and Delegates

Oversight and Monitoring of Security Plan Implementation

Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional and Global Threats.

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