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Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional, and Global Threats.

 Security Management

Security Management


We have a proven track record of bringing together a multiplicity of expert services in complex engagements. Our project managers excel at integrating highly specialised skills in a seamless process of solution delivery. This is as true in avoiding and controlling risks as it is in
countering a threat or managing a crisis. NSA SA specialists are adept at providing that ‘third stratum’: an additional layer between client and vendor, that physically manages a site’s procedures, site instructions, and processes. I.e. management of the client, management of
the security providers and management of their contract with the company.

E.g.: Management of site security personnel:

  •  Both the management performance of the client and the management of their security service providers, and the management
    of their contract with that vendor. E.g: are there efficiencies that can be achieved by integrating technology or physical elements
    to traditionally human functions?;
  • Day-to-day management of security personnel and ensuring compliance with SOPs and other protocols;
  • Co-operation and training client employees who are not officially involved in security department or with security issues;
  • Other aspects unique to the site or as per client’s request prior to the commencement of our assessment.

Our business is to help our clients manage political, governance and security risks (PGS risks). PGS risks are strategic as well as operational.

In a world of global regulation and transnational jurisdiction (e.g., the USA’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and South Africa’s FICA) local incidents can have a global impact, engaging directors’ liability and affecting business sustainability. PGS risks must be identified, anticipated, and mitigated. They must also be managed.


Emerging markets are a new frontier for investment and operation. With the opportunities come risks to key value drivers: employees and leaders, assets, operations, strategies and reputation.

Emerging markets present higher risk conditions: crime, corruption, instability, terrorism, weak state capacity and social and economic factors.

Risks emanating from these conditions can manifest suddenly. The African continent has seen numerous crises including election violence in Kenya, the collapse of Zimbabwe, the Niger Delta and northern Mozambique insurgency, the threat of jihadist terror by Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram, and the electricity crisis, xenophobia and looting and riots in South Africa.

Each of these crises negatively impacted business, sometimes directly.

Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional and Global Threats.

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