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Willie Zwane, a proud member of the NSA SA team, has officially completed his 30th Comrades Marathon, once again earning himself the coveted Vic Clapham Medal (a medal named after the soldier who founded the race in 1921 to honour his comrades from the Great War who paid the ultimate sacrifice)

Mr Zwane was awarded the Triple Green Number (30th Comrades Marathon) and had the unique honour of having it presented to him by Ludwick Mamabolo , a former Comrades champion and Alan Robb, a four-time winner and a legend of the Race.

Mr Zwane vowed that although he faced a few challenges along the way in this year’s race, this is far from being his last Comrades Marathon. Drawing inspiration from an 81-year-old fellow runner who finished in under 9:30, Mr Zwane expressed that his love for running surpasses the challenges that come with ageing.

After seeing old friends during the race and taking two full days to recover afterwards, Mr Zwane voiced
his gratitude for the experience and promised to keep making his supporters proud.

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