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Specialised security services in an evolving world of Local, Regional, and Global Threats.


We are also extremely proud of our 22-year track record of delivering quality, professional services at the very highest level of the private security industry, both to a global client base and to our own South African market. We celebrate that milestone, even as, moving with the times and adapting to the so-called “new normal,” we are excited about the next chapter that is about to be written.

Business Development Manager of South Africa, Gareth Katzew had this to say about the new SA divisions and service lines, “Leveraging off our global experience, NSA Security Consultants SA aims to deliver sophisticated solutions to the local market that address the ever-evolving threat landscape and prioritise the protection of our clients’ people, assets and locations.

“By integrating military-grade intelligence software in our GSOC, NSA Security Consultants is able to carefully analyse past, present and future risks and provide calculated and measured services that are commensurate with those threats.

Security has evolved beyond the “man with a gun” approach. Intelligence is currency in this day and age where criminal syndicates are constantly adapting their tactics against commonly deployed countermeasures.”

This year, our investment strategy has been to upgrade our GSOC and procure the correct software from our international partners, which allows for an intelligence-driven approach across all our services; be it an armed escort team, static guard or executive protection officer. We now have the capability to analyse historical incidents in all areas of operation, to allow for thorough planning prior to deployment, monitor current events and disseminate any pertinent operational intelligence to our personnel on the ground, which in turn allows for informed and real-time decision-making and analysis of specific crime trends to predict potential reoccurrence.”


NSA Security Consultants SA (Pty) Ltd. was originally named ‘Nicholls Steyn and Associates’ and has its genesis in the expertise of its founders Bob Nicholls and Rory Steyn. Bob trained the protection teams and election officials that historically elected Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki to office in 1994; and Rory served in the SA Police Service as a team leader of President Mandela’s personal protection team. But the two co-founders actually met in 1993 at a dinner hosted by Nedbank (the ‘Green Bank’) for the late Prince Phillip, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in his capacity as Patron of The World Wildlife Fund For Nature (WWF) – a position that he held until his death last month at the age of 99. Bob consulted for Nedbank and Rory worked with HRH’s Royalty Protection Unit officer in his capacity as then head of the Joburg Police VIP Protection Unit.

Bob went on to consult to the SA Police Service’s Presidential Protection (PPU) and VIP Protection Units in the early 1990s and when Rory retired from the PPU at the culmination of President Mandela’s term of office, on 16 June 1999; NSA as we know it today was formed.

NSA Global Security Consultants offers a range of security risk management and security consulting services ranging from an elementary security survey to the development of bespoke turnkey security solutions. These services encompass threat and risk assessmentsoperational security reviewssecurity systems designs, policy and procedure compilation, and training and skills development. These services range from the protection of premises and intellectual property to the recovery from fraud, leadership failure, governance weaknesses or corporate mismanagement. We are dedicated to providing advisory and consultancy services to protect our clients’ strategies, operations, resources, reputation and property; both intellectual and physical.

Guarding, Executive Protection, Armed Escorts, Tactical Support

Security Consultancy, Threat Intelligence

Security Training

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