NSA Global Security Consultants has the ability and capacity to permanently deployed paramedics to clients or to include a paramedic in protection teams assigned to temporary assignments into high-risk or remote locations.

The need for private medical care is varied. In places where ambulance services are poor or non-existent and traffic congestion makes getting to help (or getting help to the afflicted person) very difficult this service can be a life saver. But the hiring of private paramedics is not limited to developing areas where medical services and response time are poor but is also used by high-net worth individuals worldwide who need this type of private and personalised medical support. Our paramedics are also suitable for chartered private flights, high net worth individuals in transit, private events etc.

We have also successfully deployed qualified and experienced advanced life support medics with certain high-profile clients in India on a permanent basis for many years.

The need for private paramedics and the advantages that our service provides are:

  • Immediate support in the event of medical condition, accident or incident – which is especially relevant in either remote areas where help may be some distance / time away and in areas of high-density traffic would often prevent the patient getting to a hospital in good time or an ambulance getting to them in the event of an emergency.
  • High quality care – the standard of medical care varies widely, especially in developing countries. Having a dedicated, fully equipped medic on hand ensures the quality of immediate care and also ensures that there is someone to oversee and ensure that follow up treatment is correct.
  • Service mobility  – Many of our clients travel frequently and the presence of a medic on their team ensures immediate response to chronic conditions and emergency medical needs regardless of where they are. We have had cases of clients suffering health issues on long flights where only the presence of the medic on the flight assisted in saving their life.
  • Peace of mind – A private medic ensures peace of mind for individuals and families who know that wherever they are travelling, medical help is immediately available.


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