Thoughts: The role of empathy in security

Written by: Rory Steyn / at Yondr At an exclusive Q&A event for Yondr clients, Rory Steyn, Nelson Mandela’s former personal protection team leader, provided some insights into his time working with the South African president and shared key security principles that could be applied to our industry. In the article below, Rory shares how empathy […]

[Podcast] Protection for whistleblowers & witnesses

CEO of African Operations at NSA Global Rory Steyn talks to John Perlman regarding the protection of whistleblowers and witnesses on The John Perlman Show.


For those of us in either law enforcement, private security practice, or both; we’ve all been there. Someone gets in your face, sometimes getting physical, spewing vitriol and insult after insult at you because they know they can. Or rather, because they know (or think) that you can’t do anything about it. Sound familiar? Last […]

Post-looting and Lessons Learned

South Africa awoke to a cabinet reshuffle last week, one that many in the private security industry will say did not go far enough in addressing the issues that arose during the looting and disruption that occurred so recently and cost the country so much.   We have long decried the lack of effective, intelligence-led […]

Role of Zuma’s VIP protection service

NSA Global’s Rory Steyn talks to eNCA’s Dan Moyane on Zuma’s VIP protection

Private Security in South Africa

Several news articles published this past week interviewed managers of and security officers themselves and quoted the very reputable Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in saying that the SA Police Service is unable to address the safety and security needs of its citizens. It is private security companies that have stepped into that gap, trying […]


The South African Police Service published the latest crime stats for Q1, 2021. The immediate question that springs to mind is, “How much under-reporting is really happening?” This is because every conceivable platform used by the ‘common man’ to gauge crime trends, such as security WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram groups established by industry role-players, crime […]


Given our recent introduction of a range of new, specialised services, and ever since our establishment in 1999, NSA Global Security Consultants has developed an impressive track record of successful international security deployments worldwide. We are now proud to introduce our new South African divisions that bring world-class security solutions to the South Africa security […]

NSA Global comments on Cash-in-transit Heist

Driver Leo Prinsloo has been hailed a hero after foiling an attempted robbery. Having watched this video many times on all kinds of platforms over the past week or so and read hundreds of comments, some positive, some funny and some negative, we are motivated to note down some general observations and thoughts: Watch the […]


The SA Police Force as it was known then, established “Truck Hijacking Units” comprised of experienced detectives in the early 1990s, to deal with what was seen as an increasing scourge, and one following on from a rise in vehicle hijackings; something that we still know today. The hijacking of trucks was lucrative then and […]

SA’S MAJOR SECURITY COMPANIES GREW THEIR BUSINESSES BY 30-40% IN THE ANNUS HORRIBILIS THAT WAS 2020 – NSA Global’s, Rory Steyn looks at how crime and criminals took advantage of the COVID-19 environment in South Africa.

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, had it right when he said, “Change is the only constant.” And most new year messages contained wording to the effect that, “2021 can only be better, let’s just forget 2020.” I think Heraclitus would’ve been amazed if he were able to look around today.  Here’s a small sample of today’s headlines from […]


As South Africa enters Level 2 of our COVID-19 lockdown, following President Ramaphosa’s Sunday evening announcement to the nation, we look back and answer some of the questions that we were almost too frightened to ask in Level 5, but that we knew were all too predictable. When we watched the TV images of SANDF […]

Muggings are on the increase in South Africa

NSA Global’s Rory Steyn talks to eNCA’s Sally Burdett

COVID-19 Monitoring and policing regulations in South Africa

South Africa continues to battle the spread on COVID-19, stricter regulations have been put in place under level 3 of the lockdown. Apart from the alcohol ban, an evening curfew has also been re-imposed. But how easy is it to police and monitor these restrictions? NSA Global Security Consultants, Rory Steyn talks to eNCA.

Crisis Management & Protection of Personnel: COVID-19 Outbreak

With a multitude of Fortune 500 companies having large-scale operations in South Africa and Africa, and a substantial number of expatriate personnel working for these companies across the African continent; the security departments of many of these companies have no doubt been sent into a bit of a tail-spin since the majority of the world [...]

COVID-19 Corporate Risk – Protection of Physical Premises During Lockdown

One of the aspects of the decision by President Ramaphosa to lockdown South Africa that has serious security implications for businesses around the country is the fact that their physical premises will be completely unoccupied for the 21-day duration. This obviously excludes those businesses which are deemed to be “essential service providers”. Certain businesses within […]

COVID 19 Coronavirus Lockdown in South Africa Reflections Day 2

NSA Global Security Consultants’ Rory Steyn reflects on Day 2 of the coronavirus lockdown. We focus on South Africa’s Moody’s downgrade to ‘junk status’, more non-compliance with the announced state of disaster lockdown and the documentation required to be carried by security officers when performing an “essential service”.

COVID-19 – Coronavirus Lockdown in South Africa Reflections on Day 1

NSA Global‘s Rory Steyn, ex SAPS Lt.-Colonel and security specialist reflects on the security implications of COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa.

Vital safety tips for women travelling alone in South Africa – Business and leisure travel

A recent Asher and Lyric survey gathered data from a variety of trusted international sources to create a ‘Women’s Danger Index’, ranking the countries’ safety for solo female travellers. It revealed that South Africa ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for women to travel alone, according to the Index, which helps you find the […]

Privatisation of Policing in South Africa – Is it really a choice?

It’s widely accepted that almost every resident of South Africa has fallen victim to some form or degree of crime at least once in their lifetime. Some crimes are reported, and some simply ignored, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was crime. The government is in a bit of a spot, where something […]

The importance of medical training for Close Protection Officers – Protective and proactive first response medical care for clients.

When providing protective services to clients, the primary objective is protecting that client in every environment and situation. It stands to reason then that providing medical attention when the need arises is as important as any response to physical threat from violent or other criminal behaviour. In the case of a medical emergency, the first […]

Millions spent on private security each year in South Africa

NSA Global‘s Jean Senekal discusses the millions of rands South African’s are having to spend on private security companies on eNCA.

20 Years of Protecting Lives Around the World

The achievements of an organisation are a result of the coming together of many individuals, who over the years, contributed to the success of the company.  2019 marks 20 years, that we at NSA Global Security Consultants have been forging relationships and protecting lives all around the world. Along the way, we have been privileged […]

Estate Security in South Africa Volume 2 – The Primary Threat

In our first article on this topic we discussed several potential threats that compromise estate security in South Africa and offered you some valuable insights on how to mitigate or reduce these. In this article we look at the primary security threat that Estate living faces, that of the insider threat. Read Volume 1 – […]

Estate Security in South Africa Volume 1 – How safe is your estate?

Equally, the residents and owners who pay a premium to live in secure estates are often the biggest culprits in undermining their own security by bypassing checks, arguing with security personnel and ignoring protocols when they become inconvenient.  This is typically one of the biggest challenges in maintaining effective security standards within an estate.

VIP Protection in South Africa – Understanding the Risks and Mitigating Them

71-year-old actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently attacked by a man while attending the Arnold Classic Africa Multisport Festival and Trade Expo in Sandton, South Africa. Schwarzenegger was apparently in the middle of a Snapchat when a man ran up to him and kicked him in the back. Organiser Wayne Price later said, “The assailant was ‘known […]

Introducing NSA Global’s Static Guarding Service – Premier Residential and Commercial Guarding Division

NSA Global Security Consultants is proud to announce the launch of our new premier guarding division backed by our 20 years of expertise and experience in specialised global security. At NSA Global, we have pioneered and delivered on innovative and bespoke security solutions worldwide for over two decades, based on proven methodologies, professionalism, competence, and commitment to our […]

Appeal for Relief Aid for the Mozambique Flood Victims – Assisting The Graça Machel Trust

Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food, water and shelter after Cyclone Idai battered Mozambique. Tropical Cyclone Idai is one of the most powerful storms to hit Africa, killing hundreds of people and displacing thousands from their homes.  Described as the “worst humanitarian disaster in Mozambique”. The storm killed at least 468 people, […]

Kenya, Nairobi terror attack targets expatriates and foreign businesses – NSA Global’s evacuation co-ordination amidst the chaos.

21 people were tragically killed in the militant attack on a hotel and office complex in Nairobi, Kenya on 15 January, when a group of gunmen raided the office and hotel complex in the upmarket Westland area of Nairobi. At least two explosions targeted parked vehicles outside a bank in the complex and the lobby […]

Winter Olympics gets hacked – Here are some precautions that you can take against cyber-attacks

As the news of the Winter Olympics cyber-attack broke and the official website was taken offline, OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) has put out this advice on how to take precautions against cyber-attacks that is useful for us all. Exercise caution and learn to identify spear phishing attempts: Malware samples are thought to have often been spread […]

Chaos and horror mar the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa – Criminals go on a rampage

The Global Citizen Festival event held at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday was marred by ugly scenes of wanton violence as gangs of juveniles stabbed and robbed people leaving the stadium after the event. The event, an uplifting and inspirational initiative predominantly aimed at ending violence and abuse against women and the […]

26/11 Mumbai attacks: 10 years on survivors share their stories

By Manveena Suri, CNN Updated 0557 GMT (1357 HKT) November 26, 2018 New Delhi (CNN)November 26 is a bittersweet date for Amrita Raichand. Each year, she is cast back to the events that unfolded 10 years ago today, on the night of her 32nd birthday. It was late Wednesday evening when the former actress turned […]

When Crime Arrives in the Mail – dealing with the issue of security threats in the mail

The news of the 15 packages containing pipe bombs sent to several critics of U.S. President, Donald Trump; recently made headlines. The recipients included, most notably, Former U.S. President Barack Obama along with the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. All packages were deemed to be live bombs until analysis further indicated some were “duds”, […]

Police Violence In South Africa – Rory talks to eNCA

“Two Soshanguve police officers who are linked to the death of a TUT student have been granted bail. It’s not the first time police have been arrested in connection with the wrongful death of citizens.” NSA Global‘s director Rory Steyn talks to eNCA about police violence in South Africa.

S.A. Crime Stats 2018: The Impact of Crime in South Africa

The South African Crime Statistics report for 2018 that was released this month, revealed that 57 people are murdered in South Africa every day, with a total number of murders reported at a staggering 20,336 for the period. South Africa is listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. SA had the […]

Analysing Public Safety In Light Of The Recent Woolworths Bombings

The current situation in KZN in terms of six explosive devices being found and/or detonated is worrisome and creating fear as well as tense feelings and emotions. It is reported that the Hawks Crimes Against The State unit is investigating and giving the investigation the highest priority. No arrests have been facilitated with remarks by […]

Understanding executive protection and choosing the right close protection team – what you need to know.

The massive sum of money that Facebook reportedly pays for Mark Zuckerberg’s security recently made world headlines and highlighted the changing trends of personal security for executives and corporates in a global business marketplace. Executive or VIP protection, also known as close protection, refers to the range of security measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals who […]

Saving Madiba and Prince Charles, Rory Steyn on The Dan Nicholl Show

NSA Global‘s Founder and Director Rory Steyn has some unique experiences to look back on from his time heading up Nelson Mandela’s personal security detail – including the day he saved Madiba and Prince Charles from an overly enthusiastic crowd in Brixton.

NSA Global’s Rory Steyn Talks To eNCA About The Spike In Cash-In-Transit Heists

The South African Banking Risk Information Center says it has recorded double the number of cash-in-transit heists between January and May this year compared to the same period last year. Could police be losing the war against these robberies? Our CEO Rory Steyn talks to eNCA about the spike in cash-in-transit heists in South Africa.

We are in PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games!

As the  XXII Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea get off to a start tonight, NSA Global Security is once again proud to be involved in providing security consultancy and oversight for our client Oakley. This is the 6th time that NSA Global have provided such services, going way back to Athens in 2004. Despite the political overtones that have overshadowed the event, they have brought about the first formal […]

Business Travel into Africa – How Safe Are You?

The continent of Africa, made up of 54 fully recognised sovereign states that cover a vast range of natural ecosystems and an even vaster range of cultures, is home to 1.2 billion people. Rich in natural resources, it offers huge opportunities and is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite […]

How Nelson Mandela won over his jailers

The same transformation happened to Rory Steyn. He was a tough Afrikaner cop who enforced apartheid’s tough laws. Yet President Mandela tapped him to lead his security detail.”And who was I? I was just a dispensable white cop. If there was an issue, any doubts, just get rid of him. There’s a whole queue of […]

eNCA interviews Rory Steyn, Mandela’s former bodyguard

Ex-Bodyguard remembering Madiba

AIME TV to talk

Rory Steyn, founder of NSA Global Security Consultants, spent years shadowing Nelson Mandela as his Chief of Security. Here he joins AIME TV to talk about ridiculous apartheid laws; overcoming years of conditioning and the importance of education

Where is the world’s most dangerous country for young people?

Violence, preventable diseases and traffic accidents are to blame for a widening of the youth mortality gap between the developed and developing world, according to a new Guardian analysis of the most recent World Health Organisation (WHO) data. The most dangerous country in the world to be a young person (defined as aged between 15 […]

Business travel risks on the rise due to security threats

Nearly two out of three of 667 business decision-makers surveyed across 69 countries say travel risks have increased in 2017. Majority of business leaders around the world believe travel has become more dangerous over the past year due to security threats and natural disasters, a new survey has indicated. Read more…

Mumbai: How a South African Security Man Saved 150 Lives

Bob Nicholls hadn’t expected to have his skills and experience tested so early in Mumbai. The South African security consultant and his team had arrived in the city last Wednesday to work on security arrangements for the forthcoming Indian Champions League, cricket’s equivalent of the European soccer championship that draws the cream of the world’s […]

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