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Bafana Mawasha

Willie Zwane, a proud member of the NSA SA team, has officially completed his 30th Comrades Marathon, once again earning himself the coveted Vic Clapham Medal (a medal named after the soldier who founded the race in 1921 to honour his comrades from the Great War who paid the ultimate sacrifice)

Willy Zwane at the comrades marathon

It’s called “The Ultimate Human Race”. And for good reason. Established in 1921 by a returning First World War veteran to honour his fallen comrades by instituting a physical challenge sufficiently tough that it would honour the ultimate sacrifice that those soldiers made in the name of humanity, ‘Comrades’ is the oldest and by far the most prestigious ultra-marathon in the world.

KZN – In scenes reminiscent of the craziness we saw in California where thieves robbed shops with impunity because police were allegedly instructed not to arrest and charge suspects stealing goods below a certain value; brazen criminal behaviour in South Africa continues to escalate, and to surprise citizens battered by crime and an overloaded criminal justice system.

TOKYO — Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, died after being shot twice on Friday while giving an election campaign speech, sending shock waves through the political establishment and a country unaccustomed to gun violence.

The NSA Group has positioned itself as a globally reputed provider of high-end security services for over two decades. As the South African security and risk environment continues to evolve, NSA Security Consultants South Africa (Pty) Ltd is embarking on an ambitious, intelligence-driven mission to build on our capabilities and enhance our footprint throughout the country.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced Fannie Masemola as South Africa’s new national police commissioner. This is after Khehla Sitole left the hot seat after nearly five years, a period marred by excessive infighting and scandals that further tarnished the South African Police Service.

South Africans remain concerned about their safety with 78% of citizens adding more security features to their homes to ensure their well-being in 2022. This is one of the findings of the Automobile Association’s (AA) 2022 State of Security Report (SoS Report) conducted in the first three months of the year.

“Security is no longer about guns and guards.” Sound familiar? It should, as it’s a well-worn refrain from security managers over the past few years, and they are correct.

As crime has evolved and efforts to counter it have attempted to keep pace, with varying degrees of success, creative strategies and a move away from the ‘tried and tested’ has become essential. What do we mean? One example is the emergence of tactical support teams to augment and sometimes replace run-of-the-mill security officer deployment.

Back in the old days (read Apartheid South Africa) we called it “border duty”. SA Police Force members who had undergone COIN training (COIN means counter-insurgency) were deployed to a number of our border posts for three-month stints, with the intention of preventing combatants from the various liberation movements from infiltrating the country. Having completed COIN training in early 1993, I was deployed from September to December, to our border with Mozambique: first to Muzi in ’93, and the following year to eManguzi in northern KwaZulu Natal.

A quote today from Paul Theron, a Joburg-based runner and stockbroker reads, “Marcus Aurelius, the last great emperor of Rome’s golden age, said many years ago that, “We all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own”. Humans are hardwired this way.” This is mentioned because public safety dates back to Roman times, when a wall collapsed in the Circus Maximus, Rome sometime within the reign of Diocletian between 284 and 286 AD, causing 13 000 deaths.