Our HOT CONTACT service was developed for corporates and private individuals traveling worldwide for either business or leisure. When the service of full security support is neither warranted nor needed, or when traveling to a destination where the threat levels are seen to be low, our HOT CONTACT service is an affordable and practical option but still provides peace of mind should there be an emergency situation.

Operational in over 73 countries spanning 5 continents. All our HOT CONTACT representatives are regional locals and are well versed and very familiar with his/her operational region.

The service includes:

  • A NSA HOT CONTACT representative who will meet with the traveler on arrival at their hotel to introduce himself/herself. This is however dependent on location and client preference.
  • A basic one on one briefing session on the situation and the dos and don’ts in the particular city or region.
  • A NSA HOT CONTACT representative who will be available 24/7 telephonically should any assistance be required or if any of the travelers require security advice.
  • The NSA HOT CONTACT representative will periodically make contact with the travelers to inquire about their wellbeing and provide updates on security situations when required.

Price: $200 per day per country for the duration of the visit. *Terms and Conditions Apply.


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